William "BilFish" Fisher

Then & Now...
(with apologies to Mondrian)
 Then...    1992-1993  With partner Mike March, pioneer commercial Internet in Arizona with dial-up and low-cost Internet Frame relay connectivity
    Internet Direct invents virtual Web hosting with the GoSite Internet Server  1994

 Begin building vertical portal Web sites - prior to their having a name (Beer.com sold 1999)

 1995   1996 
       Sell interest in Internet Direct
   1997  Engaged in the nascent DSL industry (including VDSL video)  
 Develop website initiatives for companies such as Internet Direct, U S WEST / Qwest, DSL.net, InstallCo.com & Beer.com
 1998 InstallCo founded with partners to address growing need of SOHO environments for technology consulting and installation services    

 Join closely held DSL.net as 37th employee, go public Oct '99: NASDAQ: DSLN.

2000, continue as consulting partner for InstallCo LLC


Change is in the wind once again... think:
InstallCo.com TravelPete.com & Marriage.com




This year it's baby.com (due February 24th, came a day early). Time to avoid the mega-corporate world, so it's on to "indie" business (e.g. travelpete.com, installco.com) and family.  



Baby Maxwell William turns 1. InstallCo was sold and finalized this Fall. Travelpete.com gets a limited amount of editing time. Pictures & iMovies abound! 2003
2004 Max plus one? #2, Liam, arrived 9/12/04 Meet the Fisher Brothers

Creating volume of work to begin video editing in earnest. More Travelpete.com

Sports Journalist covering MLS Colorado Rapids

Done covering the Rapids, still writing my own Soccer Nation

Founding member of C10.

More writing in the works, and raising 2 boyz.

Travelpete.com continues to grow!

2005 rockin' the house!

 This was one of those great years, exploring new stuff with the kids and getting comfortable with family.


   Summer pool time, family time, all sorts of interesting projects, getting ready for what's to come...   2007



Anatomy & Physiology? Yep... Nursing School! Elected to Golden City Council. What do these have in common?

  The common thread? Continuously working to invent new or change existing technologies and business processes. This establishes new capabilities for small businesses and develops competitive methodologies to compete with large enterprises. Phew, that's a lot of work! ;-)

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