Christmas 00 The Year in Review

Dearest You, and only You,

Many people took advantage of computer word processors this year to write long notes. I, instead, focused for several weeks on writing a bit shorter piece than usual - which is also this year's excuse as to why my Holiday cards are arriving with best wishes for Martin Luther King, Jr. day. So, straight to it...

* But my girlfriend moved in a few weeks ago. I'm telling myself it's an expense reduction concept



With Love, Best Wishes for a great '01, and a happy MLK, Jr. Day!

BilFish (and his girlfriend Kathy "Fuzzy" O'Neill and her big white dog Bailey - who also moved in).

An extra note for you web readers!

I didn't do a 1999 note, mostly because I was working too hard and way too lazy. But, several things happened at the end of 1999 and beginning of 2000 that I didn't add to my Christmas letter to keep it short and readable.

I bought a house, as I'm sure I've mentioned to several people at least. You may notice a different address at bottom. Here's more on the house.

Further, I sold the assets of to Interbrew/Labatt's of Canada, which deal closed in 1999. The new is very nice, actually, please feel free to visit the site!

I also got to spend a couple of months in Europe, with a 17 day trip in 1999 with girlfriend Fuzzy and friend Dan as well as a couple of trips for more than a month in September and October 2000. _()_ _()_ Golden, CO