Subject: Rocky Mountain Highhhhh....

September 15, 1997

Ahhh, yes, my first e-mail from partly cloudy Denver, Colorado. Beware, ego trips are a'flyin' this morning. Could be the caffeine.

Actually, it's a good thing I didn't partake of John Denver's Rocky Mountain High, since the corporate world is one of small urine samples for "drug screening." That's because I operate heavy machinery (also a well-known pick-up line).

I'd like to reintroduce myself. I have just discovered that I am fomenting revolution among my peer group in a very time-honored and traditional way. I have become a GUPPY, or Gen-X Urban Professional. (Some have already noted the affinity to my last name). I moved to Denver for a job, sit up in a high-rise building, work for Corporate America in the worst way, and bought a Beamer. I dress casual, but nice, go out only with good-looking people (excepting myself), and look snootily at folks drinking American Macrobrew beers. I AM GUPPY!

For those who did not hear, or who I forgot to tell because of your newly-unimportant position next to my recent elevation to guppyhood, I recently accepted a job position with the Evil Empire, with the caveat that I move to Denver, Colorado. The move wasn't difficult, since I have considered Colorado as a destination residency for a while now. The Evil Empire (a.k.a US Worst for those who haven't heard me bitching about them for years) agreed to move me up here (literally, since I'm enjoying altitude headaches in the Mile-High city) and pay me some decent money (considering I haven't actually worked in over a year) to set up high-speed Internet services for them in "major markets," whatever that means.

I had my first day at work yesterday, went to orientation, and it felt just like I was back in 1st grade again. I kept expecting fondly remembered Mrs. Mitts to come around the corner.

Steve (my boss) showed me around and we had some lunch. He had been talking about carving out some office space, so I was thinking cubicle city. Turns out I not only got an office with a real door, it's a damn big office and it has a nice window view over Denver. I'm pleased as punch about that, it fits my new guppiness to a G.

There is a drawback to living in Denver. Colorado is still a 3.2 state. This means they have a tendency to produce beer with 3.2% alcohol. On the good side, if I go to liquor stores or bars, this moronic condition does not continue past the front door. Just gotta remember to stock up or not visit the supermarket on Sundays...

My new office number, for those who want to listen to my voice mail, is 303.965.0811. I don't have a new residence yet, just hotelling it for a week or two, but I will let all know when I do find a place. It looks like there is a nice townhouse-type thingee near downtown that I'll be staying in.

As some may have recognized, by cutting my Eurovacation down to just over 3 1/2 months, I sacrificed the opportunity to visit Oktoberfest in Munich in late September. This did, indeed, suck. However, Denver held an Oktoberfest celebration this past weekend, and while it sucked as well, I was able to pretend that I got my Oktoberfest jollies in for the year using a vivid, good and drunk imagination.

I just got up here last Friday evening, so I was able to spend two weeks back in Phoenix. This was a fantastic time for me and I was lucky enough to visit with a lot of my friends and family while I was there. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to hang with me during that hectic period, there's nothing like bullshitting with friends and family to make a guy not want to move right away... :)

More news from the ranch (sorry, Denver), when I get a few moments to reflect.

Cheers to all, and to all a good brew.