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Married: Thursday, May 24th



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Wedding Photos September 29, 2001 now in!!!

The worst kept secret is official! Kathy and I are now married. (We just couldn't wait for the Family Schindig in September.)

The neatest thing was that everything seemed to sort of go our way the week of the wedding. We got married on May 24th, Thursday afternoon, with Pete and Amy as witnesses (Kathy's brother and sister-in-law, now my in-laws, I guess, whether they want me or no).

We went to the Jefferson County Courthouse, and had a nice judge who made it more personal than I expected. Rather than doing the raise your hand in court thing, we went into an office with floor-to-ceiling windows of the Foothills.

The four of us went to dinner (sans judge) at a great Italian place, Carmine's on Penn, and hung out at Pete & Amy's before retiring late. They gave us a cooler with German beer and Champagne for our trip, and even a little opener to make sure...

Then, for the entire Memorial Day weekend, we went to Santa FEEEEEEEE!!!!

Friday morning we and a lot of misc. luggage and some snacks headed to Santa Fe. We took 285 which was incredible (vs. the boring 25 we took last time to Albuquerque). Along the way we hit Taos, which was nice, and then got in to SF in time for a quick bite to eat and some time at the "Famed" Dragon bar of the El Pink Adobe restaurant. Pretty cool, we just walked around a bit and passed the time.

We stayed at the Dancing Ground Under the Sun bed and breakfast. It was right in the heart of Old Town, 2 blocks from the justly-famed Canyon road of art and the Plaza, absolutely perfect. Turns out we were supposed to get the smallest little room. But, the funny manager lady showed us a larger room (supposedly for someone else) and gave it to us, along with a $20/night discount! "Uhh, okay, we'll take the bigger, cheaper room with air conditioning... :-)"

We did a lot of walking around and just absorbing Santa Fe during the weekend, hitting the fresh food market and stuff like that. We also hit Albuquerque on Sunday to get to our favorite San Felipe winery.

Turns out there was a wine-tasting fair in ABQ so we saw that Sunday afternoon, hitting some of the wineries we'd wanted to see, but that had been otherwise closed on Sunday! Awesome. Oh, and we picked up 3 cases of great wine and champagne, some fun stuff! (So, feel free to come visit.)

Lots of good New Mexican food -- sopapillas and green chile and great margaritas which taste different than "traditional" ones I'm used to. Much more of a smooth tequila flavor, not so much sweet-sour taste. I think their "house" margs are Cuervo Silver and they go up from there. At Maria's we *could* have been dumb enough to order a $42 margarita!

Saturday night we stayed in the hotel room for a couple hours to watch the hockey Stanley Cup Finals which the Colorado Avalanche are playing in. It was awesome, as they creamed the New Jersey Devils. You will note now that Denver is the home of the Stanley Cup, thank you, thank you.

Since we missed seeing the game live (I should get some dedication points for skipping the game and doing the honeymoon thang, no?), we sold the tickets for $175 each, helping to fund our shopping spree! Then we went out for a good dinner at Maria's, home of 100 margaritas cha cha cha!

Monday we saw the Georgia O'Keeffe (double e, double f) museum, which was great, and just happened to be one of the few museums open on Memorial Day. Then on the drive home we hit Bandelier national monument -- a cliff-dwelling pueblo (long since unoccupied) that was very cool, got a bit of a hike in, and then went through Taos again for the awesome tacos -- similar to Rocky Point tacos.

We stopped at the Rio Grande gorge, which is like looking at a bridge crossing the Grand Canyon, very cool. Overall, a brilliant trip.

The weather was supposed to be stormy, but turned out to be pleasant, cool, with just a few clouds to keep the heat out. We bought some cool stuff, a hanging red pot rack that matches our red KitchenAid mixer (darling, I tell ya, just darling), earrings, a couple of gifts, the wine of course, and a little ristra (hanging dried chiles on a rope).

I'm definitely game for going back there, I'm sure Kathy would love to as well. So, all in all, a nice little honeymoon. We're having the families out in September (Moms would never forgive us) for a Wedding celebration thang that we are both preparing for and looking forward to -- it'll be great to see so much family, and with Kathy being of Irish Catholic descent, that's a lot of family!

Lots o' Love,

Bill & Kathy Fisher

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