Christmas 98 The Year in Review

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Going with the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words, I present the following '98 year (perhaps I should say the 1998 year to avoid any Y2K Year 2000 problems!):

1997 was a crossroads, with a new career and a trip through Europe and a new home. In last year's missive, I asked what was next? Well, 1998 was a bit crazy, with a lot of fun, a new sport (snowboarding) and a new girlfriend (if you can imagine)!

I want to begin by wishing everyone a wonderful end-of-year Christmas and New Year's holiday season and I hope this letter finds each of you in the best of health this year.

Denver, Colorado is still my home and I cannot express enough my joy in having moved to the Rocky Mountains. Thus far, I've enjoyed everything but the airport (which is 35 miles away -- and I live downtown)!

I still work at the big, uncaring Phone Company which has been a tremendous learning experience in exactly why your phone bill is so high! Perhaps it is indicative of Big Business in general -- who knows? (Hint: I don't!). The big job news for me was that U S WEST went on strike this summer, and I was sent to Omaha for Strike Duty.

Back to happier times, I was disappointed to only get about 5 ski days in last season. However, I did learn how to stand on a snowboard without falling. Courtesy of a season pass, I'm proud to report that I've already managed 10 days of snowboarding in Keystone, Breckenridge and Aspen.

Aspen, you ask? Yes! They have some great early season specials I'd like to let everyone in on extending through the first week or two of December. So, we got to hobnob with the rich and bored in Aspen, Colorado. Here's my new "G" and I hangin' in Aspen.

New girlfriend, you ask? Again, Yes! Many years ago my business partner and friend Michael March and I made a pact not to meet girls on the Internet (since we ran an Internet company). Well, I lived up to this promise, but did meet Kathy O'Neill at a retro-80s party last May! Even stranger, she hasn't dumped me yet!

1998 has been a busy year, with many new events and stuff to see in my new Rocky Mtn. town. I got to see some sports games, got to see some concerts, and got to see some wonderful areas of Colorado including our very own St. Mary's Glacier, Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge and more.

In fact, I felt a little Winter Wackiness in Breckenridge in February this year leading to strange Nordic lights and odd hats.

More importantly, the Denver Broncos are well on their way to allowing me to repeat last year's SuperBowl Party football extravaganza!

As I mentioned, I live in downtown Denver. This is great because I can walk to work, which is a wonderful bit of exercise in my otherwise beer-laden world. I can also walk to the bars in LoDo (the hip, jazzy Lower Downtown area) which is good for everyone...

Well, this summer I made plans to ditch my BMW. I figured I didn't need a car and would much rather do without. Exactly as I sold my BMW, I met Kate ("Fuzz") O'Neill... who doesn't live downtown, of course. She drove my butt around for about 1 1/2 months --wondering if my BMW had been repo'd-- until I finally got a new car. After much research on safety and reliability, I chose the fantastic 1999 VW Passat.

Other than this, nothing else happened... :-)

I want to thank everyone who has shared their friendship and kindness with me this past year. It's been a wonderful time and I am learning that family and friends are why my life is so enriched. Thank you!


The BilFish




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