BILFISH.COM Copyright and Legal Notice Junk

    This is my very official looking Copyright line:

    All Contents of This Site I say are © 1995-2011 William E Fisher

    However, at BilFish.Com I feel that as long as you have beer, you don't need to worry about crafty little sneaks and buggers otherwise known as someone else's lawyers, hacks, attorneys, ambulance-chasers, and whatnot. Just don't be (too) abusive, and neither will I!

    Technically, however, all information is copyright William E Fisher as noted above and shouldn't be re-used or copied or anything like that without asking permission. Images, text and other content may not be reproduced in whole or in part, electronically or in print, without the express written consent of me. If you have questions or would like permissions granted, please email Thanks!

    Now, back to the Fun!

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