April '01 Picture montage

"A Visual Delight"

Featuring Golf, the Kaltenberg, a soon-2-be nephew, an entertaining event, Leadville & Baseball

She winds up, she shoots, and she scores!

Bad form, good shot

Home Run!

Wiff..... ouchie

Fuzzy and soon-2-be nephew "Alaskan Native" Riley

Okay, any tips for this lady?

The camera adds 10 pounds, ya know

Gotcha Riley, kids R so gullible

The patented Fuzzy J

Don't have a clue

Hangin', hangin' tough

Notice the airball?

At the Kaltenberg Castle (wedding site) a preview.

Las Montanas from the Kaltenberg Deck
Crazy Germans and such @ Kaltenberg
At home, Bailey tries 2 B good

Fuzz moves in, rearranges the furniture. Sheesh!

Grace in motion, Fuzzy prepares to twirl the furniture over her head

Just 14 hours later, the entertainment center has been moved! We're so proud of him

Twin Lakes, near Leadville, CO

Whowa! Look, a rock!

Call me Bunny

Cultured at home

In between storms

Lookout Mtn, one of my favorite subjects, with ze interesting lighting

Rockies baseball @ Coors Field in April

Sun, anyone?

Yeah, like I'm the only one with bad form!

Back @ Twin Lakes, a stick graveyard

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