May 2001 through May 20th

May 1-20, 2001 ending with Stupid Snow Storm!

A Montage of Elegance

Okay, not really, but it is about being @ home, celebrating Cinco de Mayo,
hiking with Bailey, Fine Art, and a stupid May 20th Snow Storm that
dropped almost 8 inches of wet, heavy snow-slush!)

Fuzzy's "Sexy" look

Napping again

Why do I always have to make dinner?

Preparing for Cinco De Mayo. Arriba!

More May 5th celebration food views

South Table Mesa, highlighted

After Cinco de Mayo celebrations commence

Uhh, during May 5 celebrations

Bailey mentally prepares for a particularly challenging 1 hr walk

Wowa, made it to the top, Bailey is beat, but loves the Open Spaces

View from the top of our hike on nearby Lookout Mountain

This is an awesome watercolor by Fuzzy of nearby rock stuff

May 20th, the big storm that damn well ruined my garden. 8 inches, indeed!

Bailey plays the fierce snow hunter on our back patio.

Huh? This is late May! Oh, well, let's keep playing!

Early in the storm, here's my garden about to get squashed

Another storm pic!

Okay, this is me not thinking much while I'm out trying to save a bunch of dang Aspen trees, like I'm an enviro, you know, freak or sumpthin'! Sad....

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