First images from BilFish's
Digital Camera, March 2001 (page 1)

Kodak DC4800, 3.1 megapixel digital camera: $386.
Titanium (brand) 2x telephoto and .42x wideangle lenses: $209.
Catching Fuzzy putting on Dead Sea mud mask and publishing to the web: Priceless!

Susan & Fuzzy pre-Friday Happy Hour!

Bailey looks coy

Dogs playing poker

Happy hour at the Golden Hotel: Susan, Fuzz, Ann (Fathead), Ian, Toda

Fuzz relates to the past in front of Barnes & Noble

Looking East from my back porch

Looking straight South from my back porch (wide-angle)

with Bill out of work, Kathy prepares for another day as a mime

Awww, isn't that cute? No? Well, you're ugly too!

Kathy relaxes @ home

Ian and Tota at the infamous, smoky Ace High tavern in Golden

Ian practices his model poses for the rough crowd

Bailey helps Kathy work at home in our loft area

Bailey, looking cute, prepares to ask for a raise

Roommate Gavino says: How R UUUU doin'?

Fuzzy, looking cute, prepares to ask for a raise

More pictures!

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