Snowy April Day 2001 from
Lookout Mountain in Golden

After the big Spring snow blizzard, Bailey and I went for a drive up Lookout Mountain. They hadn't plowed, so we didn't get very far before getting stuck! But, a couple of trucks helped us out, and we got some nice shots.

FYI -- When you click, these are going to be larger images than normal, from 60-100K in size. All of these pictures are low-rez JPG versions of the high-res copies made by my Kodak DC4800 camera. They are approximately 5-10% of the resolution of the full digital images.

Denver in the distance, looking from our walk (Bailey and me) up Gulch trail on Lookout Mountain

The next street over from mine, 5th street, looking towards North Table mesa

A foot of snow covered the landscape from this April blizzard

Lookout Mtn, looking out across Golden and North Table mesa in the background

"Harrumph? Wuzzat?" sez B.

Looking into the heart of Golden, with both table mesas and Coors in middle

Bailey snuffles out a good trail up Lookout mountain

Woof! Do I smell some Krispy Kreme donuts around?

Thru Lookout Mountain, down into Golden

Snow Twigs (fluffy)

"Drrr, which way do we go?"

Bailey makes hey while the sun shines!

Bailey gets caught trying to go for a drive!

Snowy Tree

Overview of my neighborhood, shows house

Pillars, snow, and mountains

Snowy Tree(s)

"Wuf. <Sniff, Sniff>
I smell wabbit!"

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