Yesterday: Flowers.
Today: Spring Snow! (April 11, 2001)

Today we have six inches of snow.
Yesterday I was out gardening. Seriously. No, really, I was.
My back hurt, fingers dirty, the whole bit!

We got a big Spring Snow here, with Denver getting not much and
Golden, being about 600+ feet higher, getting socked in!

The Table Mesas looking serene 'n' stuff

In our Back yard, looking west this morning

So just who is that doggy in the window?

Snow blow on fence row

Our street towards Mesas

Front of the H0W53!

From the front yard, looking down to Coors (unseen due to snow)

My favorite subject,
Lookout Mtn w/ clouds

Corner of the backyard and neighbors' kiddy toys, blasted with snow

Back Yards looking west to Foothills 'n' snow

Back yard flowers covered in surprise!

Bailey Patio Pee Pee Tee Hee!

Bailey lame-o shivers in the cold, 35 degree air

Lookout Mtn last night in the fog b4 it really hit

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