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September 9th - 25th

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BilFish & Fuzz prepare for the limo ride to Denver Int'l. Airport

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Living up to a promise made several years ago to visit Europa at least every other year, I set forth this go around with (warning scary photo) GirlFriend Fuzzy and the Sophisticated DanMan.

You may also visit their interpretations of the journey at their respective web sites - KatFish Design (external link) and Dan's Parlour of Fun (ext. link).

A stunning 15 day trip through the Central heartlands of Europa, we enjoyed weather without rain or cold, much to our delight and surprise. A bit of haze caused by the unseasonably warm (yet comfortable) temperatures meant some long distance photos of mountains and such came out poorly, but the reality shines clear in our minds.

Now, hot off the electronic press, here are the first images from our high-speed sojourn, taken by Dan and Fuzz's cameras and scanned by Kodak and Fuzzy Images, respectively. (NOTE: this was 1999... we didn't bring a digital camera. No kidding! For more on what camera to bring on your next trip, check out my thoughts here)

BTW - if you'd like to see our full itinerary, how we decided on where to go, and how we packed, check my planning guide


We landed in Paris where we spent two wonderful walking and EuroAdjustment days getting past jet lag and the newness of everything. The buildings were classic Faux-French and the people were, too. The September Parisians were more polite than the ones I'd encountered in August on previous trips. Nobody wants to be in Paris in August, especially not the French. They all head south!


We soon left the comforts of Crepes and Nutella for the rugged, majestic, outdoorsy feeling of the Swiss Alps. This is Swiss Miss Hot chocolate land, the heart of a very small, small nation with very big, big bank accounts. We were in what's known as the Berner Oberland region in Interlaken.


From there we went to Vienna, Austria for culture, really hot opera, cafes, my Girlfriend trying to strangle me as an incompetent tour guide, that kind of thing.

We began by train, but for the 2nd half of the trip we picked up a 5-series BMW rental so Dan could drive a true German car on a true German road. So, we immediately took it back across the border into Austria to visit the Salzkammergut region and Hallstatt and Bad Ischl including the SalzbergWerk as well as Salzburg.


To wind down our EuroTour, we spent the last week of our trip in Germany visiting the quaint, walled town of Rothenburg, doing a "castle day" trip to visit the Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau castles of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, and several days in Munich for Oktoberfestivities!

If you want to see our full itinerary, how we decided on where to go, and how we packed, check my trip planning guide

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