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Below Piece written 2000-2001 as I moved in...

Home Closing Dec 23, 1999
Man Moves in Jan 04, 2000
Lady Moves in Dec 15, 2000
Boxes Finally unpacked Dec 16, 2000
Roommate Moves out May 15, 2001
Lady becomes Wife May 24, 2001
Man asked to redecorate May 25, 2001

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I've done it. To keep up with the Jones's and Smiths's I bought a house. In the usual way, I made an offer, the seller accepted, financing ($$$) came through and so the house is closed and I've moved into a world of glorious debt!

A beautiful home in Golden, Colorado, Casa de BilFish was originally built way back in 1997. Features that sealed the deal —and make this house special enough to sign my life away for— were views from all directions, open architecture and funky-fresh style. The foothills of the Rocky Mountains rise on two sides, downtown Golden spreads out below us on another, and two beautiful mesas (tabletop mountains) are situated on yet two more sides - North Table Mountain and (can you guess?) South Table Mountain.

The house is 2 stories with a loft and walkout basement. From the front it looks to be 2 stories, from the back it looks like 3. There are two patios, upstairs off the master bedroom and off the main floor kitchen, with a deck at the walkout basement entrance.

Casa de Fisher has a large unfinished basement. I wasn't familiar with unfinished homes (concrete, bare walls) until I started shopping in Colorado, but the salesperson ASSURES me it's normal. Who knew? I'm a simple boy from Arizona where that's just wrong. The Casa has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and too many windows to clean.

Other than view and style, there is Location, Location, Location... I'm in the middle of where I want to be, with snowboarding just West (it's under an hour to ski areas), downtown Denver to the East (18 minutes), Boulder up NW (about 25 minutes), and the Denver Tech Center down in the Southeast (about 45 min). Coincidentally, any job I get here in town will likely be in the Boulder Corridor, Downtown, or Tech Center areas.

The 18-foot ceiling family room opens into the kitchen and looks up to the loft. There are two gas fireplaces, one a see-through between living and family room, the other in the master bedroom.

I have one wall (in the family room) that is over 8 feet wide and stretches almost 20 feet high. There are several other large wall surfaces as well. So far, I've thought of putting a rock-climbing wall up, but I'm hoping that the artist in you can come up with a better idea.

The best part is, of course, that I moved nearby my favorite two Golden Girls! No, not Those Golden Girls — I mean THE Golden Grrrlzzzz....! Yup, my girlfriend "Fuzzy" and her roommate "Ann the Arachnid" live just a couple of blocks over... (update Feb 2001: Fuzzy is now my fiance and lives with me!) (update May 2001: Fuzzy is now my wife!)

Enough babbling, here are a few house images. I've also included a clickable floor plan.

Casa de Fisher Images

Original Real Estate Flyer

House Pix (April 2001)

Metro Denver map

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