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January 1998 -- Breckenridge 'N' Superbowl! 

Finally! I've moved to a town where there's a winning football team. Go Broncos! In fact, as you'll soon see, I even got into the spirit of the event by purchasing (unofficial, I assume) Broncos paraphrenalia. But first, I'd like to present a few fun (if not quite haunting) images of a day-trip I took with Julie B and her friend Lisa to Breckenridge, Colorado. We were supposed to go skiing, but snowfall had closed the roads until afternoon.

On the way up to Breckenridge, we stopped on a frozen lake with snow blowing in our faces to determine where to go next. It turns out some locals were racing Jeeps out there that day. Luckily, since from this picture it's obvious that the girls (Lisa, with JB on the right) weren't quite up to figuring out where we should be going next. Women...



Finally, with my expert supervision, we made our way up to the wonderful ski town of Breckenridge, about an hour and a half from my townhome in Denver. While we did some shopping later on (I was with 2 girls, remember), first priority was certainly assuaging our hunger, which we did at the fun Breckenridge Brewery with accompanying wonderful views of the slopes to keep us company (along with the beer, of course). Lisa and JB share a joke about me while I figure out the complexities of my one-button point and shoot camera to take this beaut' of a shot.

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