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April 2000 -- BilFish and Fuzzy in NYC at the Pier 

I spent all of April working in Connecticut, so I brought Fuzzy out for a weekend in NYC. we spent the weekend in Manhattan enjoying the rain most of the time, and stayed at the Marriott World Trade Center. We had some nice food at the trendy Diva, with an hors d'oeuvres of a romantic serenade on the street by a man who enjoys his tunes.

The next day we had a blast at the Met viewing a temporary show called Painters in Paris, which had a lot of impressionists from 1895-1950. It was a great collection and one of the best I've seen. For dinner, we feasted at Le Pescadou in the Village, a great little French restaurant with a lively atmosphere.

It turned sunny on Sunday afternoon and we were able to enjoy a warm afternoon walking the south end of the City and enjoying a nice lunch on the Patio of Crocodile's (or whatever) Southern-style seafood. Unfortunately, these are the only two pictures that really turned out! Unfortunately, soon after the pix were taken, we had to part so Fuzz could return to Denver and I back to New Haven for work.

 Here's Fuzzy posing in front of an old Barque from the turn of the century, now a museum. NYC's Wall Street makes for a compelling backdrop.

 And, uhhh, here's me kind of doing the same thing, but not nearly as beautiful. However, I am wearing the very fashionable Earth Day 2000 T-shirt I bought earlier that day at the kickoff to the Earth Day celebration in Battery Park. They had an "Eco-fashion show" where all the dresses and outfits were by famous designers, but fashioned from materials including recycled plastic bottles.


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