William "BilFish" Fisher

October 1997 - Surf, Sun 'n' Snow??? 

October '97, Colorado's first big storm of the year, my first snow storm in years...

Can you believe it? My first month on the new job in the Rocky Mountains, just come from Phoenix and 108F weather, and we get 22 inches of snow. Too bad, though, because I only saw the first few hours of the storm before flying down to Rocky Point, Mexico for the weekend :) I took the above picture to insure envy from my snowbound fellow workers in Denver.

On the left (or above, depending on your page layout) Jesus Cristo to his Rocky Point fans, this is the original developer of the software program known affectionately as "Net Monkey," known in his mortal incarnation as Tom Collins.

A little Deja vu Family-style! BilFish and sister SusiFish

OK, you get to decide: Movie magic, poor deformed local, or Tom Collins?

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