William "BilFish" Fisher

(biography for speaking engagements while at Internet Direct, 1995)


Executive Vice President, Business Manager
Sep 1992 - Oct 1996


With one foot in the door of medical school, William Fisher was persuaded by President Michael March to start an Internet company - Internet Direct - and move to Phoenix to begin full time business management of the operation.

Fisher spent several years at the University of Arizona, as well as studying at the University of London. During this time, he developed many of the skill sets he would find necessary to compete and succeed in the business world. Fisher spent additional time in Phoenix with Nelson Ralston Robb, the largest Public Affairs and Public Relations firm in Arizona.

Fisher returned to the University of Arizona where he began preparing for medical school with an internship in the University of Arizona Medical Center OR, viewing operations and assisting surgeons and interns. In his last year at the University, Fisher ran a campaign for office and was elected as a student Senator at the UA where he served for a year in office, dealing with student issues and working with the University Administration on the Central Governing Council.

During the end of Fisher’s final year in Tucson, while preparing for medical school, he began working full-time in Phoenix, commuting between cities several times a week. Ultimately, Fisher withdrew his applications to medical school and moved to Phoenix to manage Internet Direct.

Forced to become competent in a wide variety of skill-sets, Fisher quickly transitioned to management of a technical company. He performed UNIX administration, public relations, end-user technical support, billing and accounts receivable, trade shows and publicity, human resources management, accountant and attorney relations, business and strategic growth planning and business development.

Fisher’s skills in developing an administrative structure based on continuous renewal as the Company matures has assisted ID in growing from an unpaid two-person shop in 1992 to over 50 employees and contractors working for ID. Further, the Company has become an internationally well-known network connectivity, strategic planning, custom programming and consulting firm with customers in more than 30 countries.

Over the past several years, Fisher developed a wide range of clientele that span the globe–from the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East to China in the Far East—and span the economic ladder, from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial one-person operations. Internet Direct has also developed a number of unique products and services to fuel further growth for the Company in the coming years.

Fisher currently works in International Business Development. He is often asked to speak at conferences across the world regarding business applications on the Internet.

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