William "BilFish" Fisher

(written expression of the vision of Internet Direct, 1992-'96)

Internet Direct: A Mission of Success

Michael March and I developed the idea for Internet Direct, Inc. in 1992. Born from his need for connectivity in order to conduct business, March recruited me to join as a partner and the Company was founded in late 1992 and incorporated in February 1993.

With the introduction of several new and unique product lines including the turn-key World Office Solution series and the GoSite Internet server technologies, Internet Direct’s growth has exploded. From 2 employees in February 1993, Michael and I built a team of over 50 employees and programmers. Internet Direct is based in Phoenix, Arizona USA.

Turn-key Total Solutions for Business

Internet Direct realized early that the complexities of Internet and computer technologies were both a liability and a high barrier to entry for companies interested in taking advantage of the potential for real cost savings and solutions through Internet technologies. In response to this, Internet Direct has been unique in this industry in following a turn-key philosophy which embraces ease of use, cost-effective strategies, needed solutions, customer self-reliance and low entry risk for businesses.


Internet Direct has pioneered Internet solutions for business. Since our introduction 4 years ago, customers and competitors have looked to Internet Direct to create business solutions and price breakthroughs and develop the business models for how customers and vendors do business better through use of Internet technologies. From being one of the first Internet access companies in the world to creating custom routers and digital business connectivity solutions, and from driving development of the tools used by Internet providers world-wide to building the first virtual Internet server, Internet Direct has led the pack with foresight, understanding and accuracy.

Recognizing Technology as a Service to Business -- not as a Gadget or Fad

When the fax came out, it didn’t provide faster than light travel but that didn’t mean it wasn't an incredible business tool. Internet Direct has helped it’s clients see past the glitz and novelty of emerging Internet technologies and successfully assisted it’s clients in utilizing the Internet’s vast potential. Internet Direct has been unique in its focus and ability to successfully create real solutions and real advantages for business customers in using Internet technologies. With the introduction of the I-Site Internet server technology, Internet Direct reinforced it’s commitment to turning new technologies into business tools today.

Uniquely translating Technical Experience into Business Products & Solutions

It has been the extreme success and unique ability of Internet Direct to translate practical technical experience in a wide variety of fields into turn-key, practical, inexpensive business solutions. This successful synthesis of technologies is what sets Internet Direct apart. Instead of following up on the perceived opportunities of the already successful, Internet Direct creates opportunities not yet seen in the market.

Customer driven product and business development

Each one of Internet Direct’s products and business services came from the needs of our clients. Internet Direct continues to work closely with our customers to create solutions that are inexpensive, safe and effective, and easy to use. Internet Direct then translates these solutions into new business products and services for all of our customers. This customer driven product philosophy has allowed Internet Direct to create products and services that lead the industry today.

Customer Self-Empowerment

Internet Direct has never changed our way of business from our beginnings as a small, strapping organization with a philosophy of self-reliance and a noted absence of inter-dependency. Internet Direct has worked hard to continuously return the power of business development, planning and leadership to the entrepreneurs and company managers who best drive business. Internet Direct has maintained high customer satisfaction and self-sufficiency --without losing customers. Clients always return to Internet Direct for more solutions and greater opportunities. Internet Direct has fulfilled it’s responsibility to continually renew the company and it’s focus to develop new and on-going opportunities for businesses.

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