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Updated April 2000 (original 1996 post at bottom)

Back to the Basics:
Doing what you enjoy. Doin' whatcha do best.

I recently reviewed my brief statement (below, July '96) to see how far I'd come in the past four years, and to what extent I understood then what I really wanted - from life, from my career, from a standpoint of personal fulfillment.

In a surprise move, I've managed to stay on track with my stated goals, and have found that I enjoy the same pursuits as when I was a bit younger. I left Internet Direct after starting the company (with a partner) to develop new products that allow small businesses to compete more effectively. Since then, I've started two more companies in the same vein, and the two "corporate" jobs I've taken have also been in the style of my first efforts.

So.... What am I doing now?
I've recently reached the milestone of being with DSL.net, Inc. for a year (a milestone - according to our weekly company newsletter, at any rate). We are a "traditional" Internet startup that went public about 9 months after our first round of funding. I am employee #37 and have outlived about 10 of those who came before me. I was around pre-IPO and I'm still kicking.

I also am owner of a company called InstallCo LLC, also with fellow Internet enthusiasts as partners. We provide VDSL computer installations in Phoenix, Arizona. Our focus is exclusively consumer and home office at this time. We help people get their computers online and connected with high-speed Internet services.

I'm still taking time to travel. I made a goal of traveling to Europe at least every two years. I spent several months there in 1997. I returned with my girlfriend and compadres in 1999. We are returning again in 2000 for Oktoberfest in Deutscheland and time in Osterreich and Confederatia Helvetica (Switzerland).

What do I want to do in the future?
My strengths remain the same, perhaps a bit expanded. I've greatly increased my experience in generating high-quality websites. From my initial foray into web design at Internet Direct with a corporate site, a product site and a technical support website I have since gone on to develop the vertical portal website for Beer.com LLC in several versions, as well as websites for two public companies (U S WEST Communications and DSL.net, Inc.). That has recently become an enjoyable exercise that I plan to expand upon, with a better understanding of large website architecture, content management, and continued expansion of my experience in understanding site navigation and usability.

And, of course, I'm trying to get back to the south of France ... :-)

(written July 1996)

The Job Hunt: Change & Challenge --
The BilFish on a Mission

After spending 4 exciting years building Internet Direct from two people to more than 50, it was time to pursue new challenges.

What am I doing now?
I have chosen to take four months to pursue completion of my University of Arizona degree, which was postponed in Jan. 1994 to allow for full-time management of Internet Direct. This "sabbatical" from the working world is allowing me time to get my personal affairs in order and transition Internet Direct from my direct management with smoothness, stability and continuity, or so one hopes.

I've chosen to take time to travel, with several trips planned to various parts of the globe over the next year.

What do I want for the future?
My strengths are in project management and technology development, and I will likely continue on this path. I enjoy working in the intensely competitive environment of high technology development and technology consulting. I enjoy the challenge of dealing with both consumer and business customers on an individual basis and by the thousands. Having learned to effectively manage and coordinate technical projects with programmers and designers, I'’m excited about continuing my efforts in this area.

That is to say, when I'm not on a beach on Southern France... :)

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