William "BilFish" Fisher

April 2000

Pyrates of the Caribbean -- Video Games 'n' Business

Recently I've had an interesting craving to play Mario 64, or Ultima, or a fulfilling game of good ol' fashioned Pyrates of the Caribbean. And no, I don't mean the new Disney film game knock-off. I mean the original Sid Meier's title from, oh, 1985 or so.

At first it seemed nothing more than a desire to stroll down memory lane, a yearning for childhood simplicity. Yet, I've realized a kernal of adult truth herein.

We all feel the longing to really immerse ourselves in an activity, an effort lasting for days, perhaps weeks. Perhaps even something that makes a difference. But always a pursuit that leads to a conclusion and a worthwhile result, an accomplishment. It's immaterial, really, whether I capture pirates on the high seas or finish a user guide or help a customer with a technical problem. It's the process, and the effort, and the conclusion that are important.

I'm a pretty good multitasker, or so I like to think. And I can assume roles from Assistant to Strategic Planning to Individual Contribution inbetwixt the two. Yet, simultaneous spinning of 20 ceramic plates on poles while an audience looks on in the hopes of seeing one of the plates fall? That's not exciting. It's corporate crap.

Why raise this? Video games, user guides, what?!?

In working towards a more lasting and enjoyable career, I seek a way to balance plates on one side with pyrates on the other -- call me Gemini.

This is my quest. Know yours.

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