Our Wedding & Santa Fe

Memorial Weekend, 2001. We were married May 24th.

We're looking forward to September's Family Hoopla Wedding ceremonies, so here's a preview of sorts! The pictures are mostly in order, but essentially they should be:
dinner after wedding,
then Santa Fe Memorial Day Weekend!
Wedding Photos September 29, 2001 Now Available!

Pete & Amy, the newest in-laws, pre-wedding (uhhh, Amy pre-baby)

Judge's chambers for wedding ceremony

Ring thing, and time for me to hold the flowers

Vows 'n' stuff :-)))

Now, by the power of my black robe...

Oops, this is just before we got married (still smiling)

Okay, we're getting nervous as we wait!

One last picture with my fiance!

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Fisher

Outside the courthouse, rings on!

Fuzzy Jumps for joy that we're married!

Celebrating at Pete & Amy's abode

Amy sees green with envy over Fuzzy's cute dress!
Fuzzy and Amy, dinner @ Carmine's
Back outside the court house in the rose garden

The new family! With Bailey Fisher, of course.

A bit later, Bill jumps for joy at being married - on the way 2 Santa Fe

Ristras, por favor?

Traditional Champagne toast (4th try)

San Miguel Mission (oldest contiguous church in U.S.)

Fuzzy & the famous El Pink Adobe good food in downtown Santa Fe, with a neat bar

Darn you! I said "heel," not stand there!

All ABOOOOARD the Santa Fe Express

Classic Pink Santa Fe

A vertical picture

Dunno what this is, any thoughts?

Snag & Bag, Fuzzy goes shopping

Senorita, may I help you with your coat?

Why, goodness, no thank you kind Sombrero Kid!

This is wrong for so many reasons

Smiling in our cool downtown SF room

Okay, so we like churches and clouds

It is what it is -
(i.e. Santa Fe margaritas)

Shuffling around downtown

Lunch calls in this 300+ year old house

Stretch, 1-2-3...

Now is ze time on Sprockets ven ve dahhhnce

Yes, we found a fun new digital camera button to play with at night - more to love!

Inside El Pink Adobe with the Spanglish-American name

Sunday - a day of rest and wine tasting!

Cool art outside a museum we never manage to make it inside of!

Wowa, the colors


Near Bandelier national monument, breathtaking vistas 'n' stuff

Gettin' cozy @ Bandelier

Confidently overlooking the Rio Grande Gorge

Bandelier, vertical view

Sunset on the drive home as Mr. & Mrs. Fisher - TLA.

Check out our little Wedding story and see a couple of wedding picture collages...

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