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Introducing the BilFish Life Project

Pompous, but I can't disappoint my fans!

Written 1996 as a young pup, so please forgive... :-)

...As it should be for one of the best prospects for success, right? You see, in my life I have perceived expectations of excellence from my family and family friends; rarely have I failed to deliver. To say this belief in the need to succeed has haunted me would be melodramatic in the extreme. To say it has been a tangible pressure on my chosen journey in life to this very afternoon would be absolute truth.

Now, satisfied I have fulfilled the promise expected of me--imbued in me--I yet feel the pressure to succeed in surprising, measurable ways. Certainly, I realize now the pressure I've felt is self-inflicted. Above all, my mentors, my tutors in life, have taught me to enjoy what I have, that life should be sharing and enjoying, not always competing.

I guess I could blame genetics and my father, I certainly get some of my competitive spirit, privacy, and control from him. I could (perhaps) lay my actions at my mother's feet, for she brought the critical eye towards detail and completion which is the lens I see through. Family friends have given me a sense of guilt and responsibility — to repay the kindnesses unconditionally offered me.

Now, however, I choose to learn from my sister's resilience and strength in knowing that life is short— so hit the ground running and don't look back worried about where I'll land. Don't be stupid, mind you, try to miss the larger pits, surely, just realize that if I don't do it now, I won't ever.

In that spirit, I present my recent thoughts and journeys. Please enjoy!

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