William "BilFish" Fisher

These are just some random writings when I felt the mood.

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Mission StatementApril 2004 Rapids Soccer Coverage MLS Rapids soccer articles for an online newspaper

Mission StatementFeb. 2004 Travel Pete's Journal The BilFish reveals all in this travel lifestyle journal

Mission StatementSept. 2000 Musical Playlists: The 80's ReLiv the Luv and BoarderSplash

Mission StatementJuly 2000 Silent Rage: Either Can Hurt

Mission StatementJune 2000 Macromanagement: as Bad as Micromanagement

Mission StatementMay 2000 Pyrates of the Caribbean: Video Games 'n' Business

Mission StatementApril 2000 Everything I know: I needed to learn. Here's a bit of what it is

Less Recent Postings 

Mission Statement(1996, updated 2000) Post-Internet Direct: Change & Challenge - BilFish on a Mission

BilFish bio sheet(1994, updated 1995) BilFish ID Biography: Marketing biography while at Internet Direct

ID bio sheet(1993, updated 1996) Internet Direct: Statement of Philosophy & Goals for Success

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