William & Kathy Fisher

BilFish & KatFish, Our Friends & Family & Stuff
BilFish & KatFish Wedding Story #3 Wedding Ceremony in Vail, September 29, 2001 Pictures from Friends & Family, get 'em while they're hot!
Memorial Weekend, 2001 Bill & Kathy Fisher, married May 24th, 2001.
BilFish & KatFish Wedding Story #1 Wedding in Colorado (court house) Includes Bonus Santa Fe pix! (takes a while to load!)
Another stoopid snow storm on May 20! Along with pix @ home, Cinco de Mayo, watercolors, & hiking
April 2001 Montage Various Scenes Golf, new nephew, Castle Kaltenberg preview & More
Lookout Mountain pix towards Golden April Blizzards mean playtime 4 Bill 'n' Bailey
April 11, '01 Late Spring Snow in Golden Yesterday I garden, today I shovel!
April 2001 1313 Cody Trail Pix of our house, inside and out!
April 1, 2001 2x Telephoto Lens comparison Camera has 3x optical, then add 2x
End of March 2001 BilFish's New Digital Camera! at home in and around Golden, CO
April 2000 BilFish 'n' Fuzz Weekend in NYC @ the port
March 17, 2000 BilFish w/ Friend St. Patrick's Day
Feb-March 2000 Tom and BilFish rent Breck Condo Pix from our Boardtherockies.com website
December 1999 Phat Air @ Breck BilFish, Stan, Lloyd
January '98 Breckenridge SuperBowl!!!
Christmas '97 From Denver To Phoenix
October '97 From Denver, with snow To Mexico, With love

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